Thursday, December 1, 2011


This piece of writing, can be summarized as being about the injustices that the blacks had to endure in America. One connection that I had to this reading, is that it reminded me of "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass". This book I had to read, as part of an American History course. This book discussed Frederick's life from childhood to adulthood. It explained, how slaves were often beat senseless for little or no reason at all. Just by masters, whom wanted to prove that they could be able to get away with abusing slaves. Also, the book told about Frederick's many attempts to escape form his master, and having been sepaerated from his family;due to the hands of slavery.
One question that came to mind, was "I wonder if Douglass would have approved of how the world is now"?.  With interracial relationships being allowed to occur, and people being able to live their lives the way they choice to, I wonder how Frederick would have felt if he did not have to be restricted in the time period that he had lived. Lastly, I feel as though this text could be applied towards other readings that was covered in class. These readings are Stowe's "The Tale of Two Altars". This story was an antislavery composition, that was intended for abolitionists to know about the tribualtions that blacks had to endure going through.
Lastly, I feel as though Douglass was an very interesting and historical figure. I feel as though people should take the time out to read more works by Frederick Douglass. Regardless of rather they are required to read his stories or not. Even though this particular piece of writing was long, I feel as though it was very truthful and heartfelt. This piece spoke of the hardships that blacks had to endure, just because of the color of their skin.
In this composition, Frederick mentioned that unjust laws existed in America. He questioned, if people should just be content with things the way they were, or if people should strive to change things that resulted in people being segragated. Frederick noted, that if one would simply wait until someone would allow a change to take place, then an man's life would have already passed him by.
That is why I think that Frederick Douglass was such an great writer and thinker of the Romantic Era in America. This had been due to the fact, that Douglass encouraged ones to be good in an corrupt society.

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  1. One last comment to make about Frederick Douglass is that his works have close ties to Stowe. That is why they both were good writers of the Romantic Era. Stowe wrote about what she witnessed blacks going through, while Douglass wrote about his experiences as an black male.