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The piece of writing, can be summarized as being about an unusual family for its time. This is due to the fact, that the husband is black and his wife is an mulatto. This had been the first antislavery story, that Stowe had ever written. The purpose of her writings, had been to generate huamn sympathy about the inhuamne treatment towards blacks during this period of time. This is an sentimental portrayal of an life of an sober, working-class family. The story farther triggers readers' sympathies, due to the fact that at the story's conclusion, the husband is arrested. This is due to the fact, that her husband had been an runaway slave. He is forced, to relocate to the state of Georgia.
 One connection that I had to this writing, is that it reminded me of another story by Stowe. The name of the story is "Uncle Tom's Cabin". This story is very sad and yet truthful. That is due to the fact, that it is about an slave named Tom. Tom had been the son of slaves. However, he is owned by an slave-owner named Mr.Selby. however Mr. Selby is in debt and must result to selling off some of his slaves. However, even though Tom is an good natured person despite his living conditions, Mr. Selby decides to sell Tom. Tom is the son of his wife's favorite slave. When Tom's mother learns of the news, she decides to flee to Canada with her husband and son. However, even though she is able to escape to Canada and is reunited with her husband, her son Tom is still in his master's hands. This is due to the fact, that tom had decided to try not to escape. However, Tom's master is killed in an brawl. This results in him being sold off in an auction. Tom is abused, by an cruel overseeer, in his master's new home. That is due to the fact, that he wants to try to make Tom into an hard and brutal man like himself. However, Tom ends up dying from his abuse. So even though Tom dies and the story for him ended in tragedy, one can read about how his family managed to be reunited with one another in the north.
One question that came to mind, was I wonder "if Stowe based her stories off of personal experiences or not"?. Even if these had been fictional characters, I wonder if Stowe knew about slaves that had endured these same situations or not.
When it comes to other course readings, I feel as though it can be compared to Frederick Douglass' "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July"?. This is due to the fact, that both piece of literatures deal with the factors of racism and submission to those that are viewed to be "superior" to others.
Lastly, I feel as though Stowe wrote an very easy story to understand. However, due to the subject matter, is was often hard to be able to read. I feel as though her works, spoke volumes about what blacks had to endure during the time of slavery. "The Two Altars" is an example of her beliefs concerning antislavery. I found it unsettling, that just over an century ago in America, people were being solded into slavery against their will. These people were often taken from their families and may have never seen their loved ones again. However, it is important to note, that slavery has occured in places all around the world. That Asians and Native Americans have been foced to endure the hands of slavery as well. So the purpose of Stowe's writings, was to allow people to realize the hardships that slaves had to endure, and that slavery should be abolished for all times.

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