Friday, December 2, 2011


This piece of writing, can be summarized as being about an reflection on life. As part of the poem, Whitman describes celebrating his being, and singing an song to himself. Also, Whitman mentioned that whatever was the essence of him, was the essence that made up another. Whitman mentions the fact, that he lives in the same place, that all of his prior family generations had lived. Also, Whitman mentions the fact that he hopes to remain in good health,until the day that he would cease to be.
One connection, that I had to this piece of work, was that this poem reminded me of another poem that was written by Whitman. The name of the poem is "Give Me the Splendid Silent Sun". This poem described the writer wanting an sun of splendid, bright rays. Also, Whitman mentioned, that he wanted to have ripe fruit to eat and an place were the grass would grow. So while reading this poem, one could sense the connections between the two forms of poetry that he had created.
One question that came to mind, was "I wonder whom was the person, that Whitman was reffering to in the poem"?. He often made references to "I" and I wonder if it was just for the reader or an certain person, that he had in mind.. Lastly, this poetry could be connected to other course readings. Such readings could be either Emerson or Thoreau. This is due to the fact, that all three of these writers had been based during the Romantic Era. While Thoreau and Emerson were more believers of Transcendentalistism, Whitman's writings could reflect more elements of Romantic Realism.
Lastly, I feel as though this poetry was long, but heartfelt. The first time that I read this poem, I thought that it was melancholy. However, I learned upon rereading the poem, that it was rejoicing and celebrating an life. I have never heard of this Romantic Era writer before, so I at first did not know what his writings were like. However, I really enjoyed this poetry by Whitman. I will possibly read more of Whitman's works in the future.

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