Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ben Franklin

The writings of Ben Franklin can be summarized as being about his thoughts and points of view on life, particularly what he thought made an person of good character. I thought it was interesting to note, how he thought that virtues and happiness, would led to an person having an better character.
Franklin believed that "an Art of Virtue, was an feature of private character, and happiness, both public and domestic". "The two will sir, will in particular give a noble rule and education". He believed that school and other education are false principles, and show a clumsy apparatus. I think it would be intriguing to know how, Franklin would have thought of the youth that are living today in this generation, and see how he would think of improving their character.
To be honest, I do not have any specific questions that came to mind, while reading the writings of Benjamin Franklin. I thought that the writings, were more easier to read and understand, after you have read the chapters about two times, in order to be able to grasp an better understanding of what Ben Franklin had hoped to convey in his autobiography.
One connection, that came to mind while I was reading the Ben Franklin chapters was to the portrayal of Ben Franklin in the story, "Bastard" by John Jakes. This reminded me of an American history course, that I took several years ago, where this novel was an part of the required readings. This made me have memories to the readings, such as how Ben Franklin was portrayed in the story. Ben Franklin was portrayed as being an eccentric and interesting character, that wanted to be an friend to everyone. In the novel, was told the story of how the character of Ben Franklin played an important role, in the American Revolution.
It is always interesting to me, to read biographical accounts of how people lived centuries ago. Also, due to the fact that Ben Franklin is such an important contributor to American history, it is always interesting to read the chapters out of the biography, that he crafted. These writings gave me an better understanding of what Franklin was like during the time that he lived, and it seems as though Ben Franklin would have been an interesting person to have known. He seemed to exhibit an sort of personality, that would have made him an character, that would have been interesting and fascinating.

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  1. After today's discussion on Franklin, it was discussed how Ben Franklin was most likely like while he still walked this earth. It was mentioned, how Franklin is probably considered to be one of the greatest peoples that ever lived. It is believed by his satirical remarks, that he was most likely an very humorous person and had an bubbly personality. Also, Franklin admits that he was not an "perfect" person. Lastly during the discussion, it was mentioned how Franklin had been good in math and had worked as an accountant. Also, Franklin had ran away from home at an young age and had big dreams that had filled his mind.