Thursday, October 6, 2011


The writings that made up "A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture" by Venture Smith can be summarized as being about Smith's account of having been sold into slavery. Ventura Smith had been believed to have been born in the year of 1729. He was believed to have died, in the year of 1805.
 I found myself not having any questions concerning the article of writing. I felt as though the piece of writing, was very easy to read, and was able to grasp the material.
Ventura Smith managed to become an free man, before the end of his life. So he did not have to die, at the mercy of an master. During the span of his life, he had been sold several times and exchanged between the hands of different masters. It is believed that Venture had maintained the personality of an faithful servant, and was believed to have been an person of honesty and temperance.
Like many other slaves of his time, Ventura Smith had been intent on obtaining his freedom from his masters. It is interesting to note, that Venture Smith was allowed to work nights as an fisherman. This was in order ot be able to accumulate enough money, to be able to purchase his freedom from his master at the time. The master during this time, was Col. Smith.
As is already noted, Ventura Smith was given the name of Smith from this particular master. When Ventura was able to obtain enough money, he used this money towards buying an colored woman, by the name of Meg. He later on married Meg and had several children, by her. He was even able to purchase land, for building an home for himself and Meg.
 One connection to the reading that I had was, how many other works that I have read, that chronicle the true life stories of people being sold into slavery . This made me have an connection to another writing, which is "The Incidents of an Slave Girl" by Harriet Jacobs. In Jacobs story, she offers an acoount through an female's approach of what it was liked to be abused and mistreated by her masters. So as one reads autobiographical accounts of what it was like to be an slave, one can have an truthful glimpse of what these people actually had to endure on an daily basis. Such as being whipped or beaten senseless for possibly no feasible reason, other than the person wanting to simply show that they could have control, over someone. Many an times, white masters would beat their black slaves, for an act that had no purpose. But it was just to be able to show the slave, whom was the "superior" race. I feel as though anyone, that wants to learn more about atrocities that were commited towards minorities, should read the account of Ventura Smith. This is one important piece of writing, that should not be ignored by others.

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  1. After today's discussion concerning Ventura Smith, I learned that this story has similiarities to the writings by Allen and Cartwright. This was due to the fact, that Cartwright told the true story of an African American man that had been born into slavery in the 1700s era. This biography chronicles his upbringing and his work as being an Reverend of Christ. Also, this story by Smith holds similiarities to Allen, in that Allen is an white preacher that is determined ot bring religion to the "savages".