Thursday, October 6, 2011

huck finn

This novel can be summarized, as being about an adolscent boy by the name of Huckberry Finn. This boy learns how to escape from his alcoholic father, by faking his own death. This leds to Huckleberry Finn faking his own death and so beginning is journey through the Deep South, in which he seeks freedom and independence.
Along the ways on his travels, Huck meets an escaped slave by the name of Jim. It is important for the reader, to know that Jim is an wanted man. This tale tells the story of the journey of the two, as they travel along the route of the Mississippi River.
This book raises the timeless and universally issues of prejudice, bravery, and hope. This are all factors for why Huck Finn is considered to be and is still the greatest American novel of all times.
One connection that I made to this novel, in relation to other stories that were covered during this course is that race and racism were two common elements throughout the story. The usage of racist terms towards blacks was practically used on every page of the novel. This had led to many people wanting to terminate the usage of this particular word, from the pages of the novel. There have even been censored versions of the novel that have been released. However, I do not feel as though the usage of this word should be taken out of the book. This is due to the fact, that Twain was using this word, because many Americans during the time that the book was released often used this word in their vocabulary. This is showing how many Amercians during that time, felt about black peoples.
Lastly, while reading the novel, I felt as though this novel reminded me of "Incidents in the Life of an Slave Girl". This is due to the fact, that this story also showcased how blacks were often treated unfairly in the south, during this time period.

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  1. I just want to add an comment about what was discussed in class, concerning this book. It was mentioned, how Mark Twain used the "n" word in the book. It was discussed how this word should be censored from farther publications or not. Also, themes of the "mob mentality" was examined in this novel.