Thursday, October 6, 2011


The articles that make up the "Federalist/Anti-Federalist papers" can be summarized as being about how two completly different parties, had opposing ideals on how much infleunce that the United States government should play in the roles of the Amercian citizens.
The Anti- Federalist papers can be summarized as being about why the Anti-Federalists believed that the country, was in an very crucial period for politics. It was interesting to read how the Anti-Federalists posed the question of "Whether or not an confederated government was the best for the United States or not?".Or put in more simpler terms, "If the thirteen United States should be reduced down to one great republic, that was governed by one legislature, and under the directions given by one exceutive and judicial; or "rather or not they should continue to be thirteen confederated republics, under the direction and control of a supreme federal head for specific defined national purposes?".
Likewise, the Federalists believed that the answer to maintaining power in the American states, "was to form an means of keeping each power in their proper places". They believed that it was of the upmost importance, for "each governmental department to be as little dependent on each other as possible".
As having been previously stated, the Americans were worried about how much power that the government should be able to exhibit. Some people felt that the government should be strict at enforcing rules and regulations. However, some people felt as though the strong government would become to similiar to the monarchy in Europe, that they people had strived to escape from.
 . One specific question, that I had about the readings was "I wonder what was going through the minds of the people in America during this time frame?. I imagine that many people were worried about how the American government was going to be formed, and what was to come about in Amercian politics.
 One connection that I had to the readings was that it reminded me of how strict the government is in in other countries.I thought about how in countries like China and North Korea, the people are pretty much limited on many aspects of their lives. For instance in China, the people are restricted on how many children that they are able to bear. Likewise in North Korea, the people are easily put to death for whatever reason, and must honor the Communist government in almost every aspect of their lives. Whenever the American people feel that they are living under an strict government in America, they should take note that many countries are living in more fear and isolation that the people in this country are.
One connection that I had to other readings, was that I remember being in high school Civics class, and having to recite the "Constitution". I can remember what an intimidating time, that that was as I tried to remember all the words. Also, in an American History course, that I have taken here on campus; we studied intensively on the similiarities and differences between the two important articles, in the Federalist and Anti-Federalists papers. I feel as though it is intriguing to read about how different parties had their own ideals concerning an important issue in American society, which is if the government should play an large role, or minor role in Amercian society.

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  1. After the discussion on this important piece of writigs, I just wanted to say that I learned about how the many states during this time period were often feeling as though there needs were not being met. Also, I learned about there is an larger population in the north, than there was in the south. Futhermore, these states were feeling underrepresented. Also, many people were fearing having an government, that may be too similiar ot an monarchy. They had hoped, to escape this way of government when they had come to America. They feared that having an monarchy in America would led to too much choas and too many rules being enforced.