Monday, November 28, 2011

feed part2 eden

One connection that I had to other readings, is that "Feed" reminded me of the book titled "Speak" by Laurie H. Anderson. Even though "Speak" does not have an exclusive focus on technology the way that "Feed" does, this book also dealt with aspects of isolation and alienation. This is due to the fact that the main character of the book named Melinda experiences an traumatic experience at an young age. After she is sexually assaulted, Melinda shuts down both emotionally and physically. Due to her pain that she is unable to express, Melinda simply stops speaking. In some ways, she is similiar to the character of Violet in "Feed". This is due to the fact, that both girls has to experience feelings of being the outcast among their peers. However, in Violet's case, she is the outsider because she is against the "feed" and is not as receptive to the feed as her peers are.
This section could be summarized as being about how there was an hacker that had tried to hack into the minds of the people. Just like if an hacker attempts to hack into an computer, the people's feed had to be shut down. Titus and his friends were hospitalized, and had to have their feeds decrypted and checked for viruses.
It was mentioned, how the feeds had oringinated about an century before Titus's birth. That they were created, so people could always have technology closer than their fingertips. That people could be smart, without having to actually study or work at acquiring intelligence. However, it got to the place that the feed began to be used for the sake of carrying out daily tasks.
As demonstrated by the fact, that Violet knows how to read and write. Violet is embarrased, when Titus catches her actually writing using an pen and paper. This is due to the fact, that Titus and his friends have gotten used to recording by using the feed. They believe this to be a more efficent and quicker means of being able to write.
One question that came to mind was "what would happen if the characters were to run out of credit?. It was mentioned in the book, how Titus was able to purchase clothing by just ordering inside of his brain. I was wondering, how could the characters be able to restore money once it ran out in the account.
Lastly, what came to mind while conducting the reading, is that " Feed" reminded me once more of "Harrison Bergeron" As having already been mentioned in an previous blog, "Harrison Bergeron" is one course reading that is more closely related to the themes in "Feed". This is due to the fact, that "Harrison Bergeron" had the same themes of being in an futuristic setting and people having their freedom taken from them. As in the case of applying "Harrison" to "Feed", the people in both stories were restricted in their lives. In"Feed", the feed was what modeled and moded the person into an certain image. In "Harrison", the characters were also restricted in the sense of freedom.
I personally felt as though "Feed" is an very interesting book to read. However, I would have most likely not read this book, if I had not been assigned to do so. Even though I think I understand Anderson's reason for having wrote the book, it was still often hard to grasp exactly what the characters were doing at times. I am not an huge fan of science fiction, so this book took some adjusting to. Today in crrent times, people have become too attached to technology. It is hard, to find anyone that does not use some form of medium on an daily basis. So, I think that this book can be applied to how technology has both negative and positive infleunces on people.

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  1. I just want to make some closing comments about Feed. One comment is that Violet was punished, for not wanting conform and be like others. The feed wanted to construct an image of an perfect person. And she wanted to break out of the mode .Also, one must question what the lesions look like and what was there purpose.