Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Howl Allen Ginsburg

This piece of writing can not be easily summarized. This is due to the fact, that the lines seemed to jerk from one line to the next. In one line, Ginsberg is discussing intelligent minds being ruined. However in the next verse, the writer is mentioning that people are listening out for terror against the walls. One question that came to mind, was "what was Ginsberg thinking of, while he crafted this poem"?. If I could have been able to, I would have liked to ask Ginsberg this exact question. One connection that I had to other course readings, is that this poem reminded me of the "The Waste Land" by Eliot. That is due to the fact, that neither poem can be easily defined. These poems both seem to have an sense of disconnect and disjointed place in the world. Lastly, one connection that I had was that this poem reminded me of an band called "A Perfect Circle". If one was to read this band's lyrics, they would have an hard time trying to interpet the songwriter's meanings. Because the lyrics are considered to be strange and away from an sense of stability in the world.
 I personally found this to be an unusual and strang piece of poetry. It is one of those poems, that cannot be easily lableled and fit in an "box". When the reader is reading this poem, the reader does not know what exactly is Ginsberg trying to say or even if he is aware of what he meant to say. I had an hard time, trying to interpet this piece of writing. This poem did not seem to have an sense of normalcy or understanding to it. The verses seemed to be disconnected and did not flow easily from one line to the next. One word that came simply to mind, was "pyschodelic" after I finished reading this poetry by Ginsberg. For only him, could understand the true possible meaning behind this poetry.

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  1. I would like to make, several comments concerning this poetry. One comment, is that people often wonder what was Ginsberg smoking or simply "what drugs was he on"?. while constructing this poem. Also, this poem could easily be labeled as having an sense of tragedy and darkness to it. Ginsberg almost appears to feel, left out from society and feels an need to connect with others. However, these people may not understand him. Lastly, the poet seems to mention the segregation of races that he encounters in the city. Also, it may be possible that Ginsberg is writing from his own personal experiences. Also, it may be noted that Ginsberg is feeling repressed and wants to find an sesne of freedom.