Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One specific question that I had while reading this particular writing by Eliot titled "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufock", was "what exactly was meant by the mermaids in the writings"?. At the end of the composition, was mentioned mermaids singing out on the beach. Eliot mentioned how he "did not think that they would sing to him". He goes on, to describe the mermaids as riding seaward on the waves, and how he had lingered with them "in the chambers of the sea". Eliot also mentions drowning along with the mermaids, and being asleep until they were "awaken by human vioces".
An brief summary of this piece of writing, could be summarized as being about how an male is determined to be involved in an romantic relationship with someone. The poem starts off, with the speaker saying "Let us go then, you and I" (Eliot 1). However, the relationship seems as though it will not possibly led to any importance. As Eliot describes "cheap hotels and half-deserted streets", one may possibly think that he is engaging in an relationship with an prostitute that he has barely met. When Eliot mentions that the person will have time to prepare and meet new faces, one must ponder if the person that Eliot is involved in is actually an prostitute, that will have the rest of the night to engage in new relations with others. Also, Eliot mentions that "there will be time to murder and create" ( Eliot 29). So this can possibly be an allusion, that the woman has had many abortions and will probably have many more, due to her profession. Eliot also mentions in another verse, that "the women come and go, talking of Michaelanglo"( Eliot 35). This can be an reference, that the writer and his companion are an world apart from these people. Due to the fact, that these women may be more intelligent and more financially stable, than the writer. So the writer could never be able to fit in their world. Also, when the writer refers to the mermaids at the end of the composition, this could be an reference to the fact; that the mermaids would reject him. Due to the fact, that meramids are an representation of beauty and being ethereal creatures, that he could never be able to possess.
One particular connection, that came to mind while conducting this reading, was that this poetry reminded me of "The Waste Land". This was also an poem, that had been created by Eliot. However, both poems had an sense of desolation and being out of place. It was easy to recognize both of these poems, as having been created by Eliot. They both were long, and followed the same sense of being out of place. Out of all the course readings that was assigned for the 20th Century period, this writing in particular made me think of this piece of poetry. While reading the "The Love Song", I thought about an lovelorn person, that felt out of place in the society. That the person dreamt, of being able to escape with someone and go far away from everything.  This had been due to the fact, that I sensed in the verses, that Eliot wanted to convey an sense of disconnect and having to carry on through life alone.
Lastly, I felt as though this poem was more harder to be able to undestand. The poet seemed to speak of an sense of bittersweet poignancy. The writer did not appear to be in love with anyone, even though the words "The Love Song" is the title of the piece. The writer appears to be rejected, by many females that he encounters.

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  1. I have several last comments, to make about this poetry. One is that the usage of mermaids not paying the writer any attention, could symbolize that the writer does not feel accepted by an woman. Also, the writer appears to feel useless and wanting to feel productive, in life. Also, this poetry appears to be an observation of the world. Lastly, it is important to note, that the poem starts out in an lighter tone. The poem starts off, mentioning beauty in the sense of the evening sky and wanting to escape with someone. However, the poem soon takes an negative turn. It goes on to describe, etherization, deserted streets, and cheap motels.The poem seems to be describing the city, in an sense of being polluted and gross.