Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Langston Hughes "Theme For English B

While reading this assigned piece of writing, I could not help but think of "Brass Spittons". This had been due to the fact, that this is the name of another poem that had been written by Hughes. The poem can be described, as being about an African American male, that is refered to as an "boy" by his boss. He is required to work an low-paying job cleaning an motel. While he works, he reflects on what he can buy, with the little bit of money that he will earn. While reading this poem, I can be able to note the same themes of being an African-Amercan male in the south.
When it comes to connections to other assigned readings, I could not help but think of the poem "Yet do I Marvel" by Countee Cullen . This had been due to the fact, that both poems focused on African Americans and their lives. This piece of poetry, can be summarized as being about an instructor that asks of his students to write an paper, that is an truthful reflection of themselves. Hughes contemplates about writing about being an colored man, that attended school in the south. Now, he is the only black person in his college class. He questions rather being "colored" makes him all the more different from others. Even if they may have the smae wants and dislikes as Hughes does. Lastly, he mentions how he is an part of his white teacher; as much as his teacher is an part of him. That they are capable of learning about each other, and their own personal experiences.
Lastly, while reading this assigned text, I could not help but think of one question to be able to ask the writer Langston Hughes if I could. The question would be, "did you ever feel discrimination, as being an only colored person in your class"?. I could only imagine what Hughes could have went through, during this period of time.
Lastly, I felt as though this was an very intersting piece of poetry. I feel as though this poem can be interpeted in many different ways. I always find it interesting, to observe how minorities can be able to construct poems and short stories. I feel like in this poem, Hughes was trying to explain how there are great differences between the lives of whites and blacks in America, and yet they have some traits in common as well. Hughes noted how there is much that can be learned, from each other.

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  1. I have several comments to make about this poem. One comment, is the fact that Hughes seems to place his school as being "above" were Harlem is. One must question, if he considers his school to be better than Harlem. Also, it is interesting to note, how Hughes considers his white teacher to be an part of his heritage, the way that he is an part of his student's heritage. Also, Hughes appears to be reflecting on segragation in schools, in this poem. Lastly, one must question if an "white teacher could teach African-American literature or not"?. If race seems to be an thing of the past, one must wonder if people will be receptive to an white person teaching African-American literature. Or an Hispanic teaching Asian American literature. One must wonder, if you have to be an race before you can truly relate to those of the ethnic group. If you have not had the same experiences, that they have had. Lastly, this poem seems to reflect disparity in America. Hughes seems to be appopriating the concept of "White America". Hughes appears to be reflecting on civil rights, and making the comment "you are white" is an very bold testament for this period of time.