Monday, November 28, 2011

slumberland feed pt. 4

One connection that I had to other course readings, is that it made me think of Kurt Vonnegut's "Harrison Bergeron".  This is due to the fact, that both this novel and Vonnegut's short story featured elements of both satire and horror, not to meantion science-fiction elements.
This section could be summarized as being about the gradual demise and death of Violet. She had explained to Titus before her death, that she had gotten the feed at the age of six. That she no longer had any memories of her life, before she had gotten the feed inserted in her braincells. Because the feed was not an medical procedure, Violet's father was unable to pay for her medical bills and the costs to repair the feed. This meant that Violet's body gradually began to defunct, like an computer.
One question that came to mind, was "what would the world be liked, if this book would actually come true"?. I would be frightened, if I had to live in an world were an computer chip in my brain would determine by everyday actions. Also, you must wonder what will become of Titus' life, after the death of Violet. Since it is obvious that Titus and Violet would not ended up together, you have to wonder if they would have stayed together if not for Violet's demise.
Lastly, this connection to my own-life experiences is that I feel as though people are becoming to dependent on technology. It has gotten to the place, that technology is ruling the lives of more and more people. In Japan for instance, many people own cell phones that can find the exact location of an person they are searching for. I feel as though technology has lead to much improvements in one's life, and can yet have many negative factors as well.
Lastly, when it came to the aspect of Violet wanting to be different from the others, it made me think of an book that I read during the summer months called "Wintergirls" by Laurie H. Anderson. This book is about two, young girls that face peer pressure. In order to be like others, these girls end up facing deadly consequences. In this story, Violet's life came to an abrupt halt at an young age, because her parents made her undergo an procedure because everyone else was having it done. In "Wintergirls", the characters also have to face an life-or-death situation, in order to be able to fit in.

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