Monday, November 28, 2011

utopia feed pt. 3

One question that came to mind, was "how did M.T. Anderson get the ideal for this book"? . This book is unlike, anything that I have ever read before. Even though I am not an huge fan of sci-fi books, I still feel like anyone who reads other genres or they are of the older or younger ages may still appreciate this book.
This could be summarized as being about how life went back to normal for Titus and his friends, after their hospitalization. Even though Titus has gotten used to the feed operating his life, Violet wants to become more in control of her own brain. She tries to teach Titus about techniques that can cause the feed to become more lose in its customer profile, so that no one can market to the feed. Violet refuses to allow herself, to be cataloged. She wants to make herself invisible. This means that Violet is not like the others, and refuses to allow someone or something to determine who she is.
One connection that I had to other course readings, is that it made me think of its comparsion to Harrison Bergeron. In previous blogs, I discussed why I felt like this short story reminds me of Feed. I personally felt like out of all the course readings, that Feed can be the most identifiable to this short story by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Lastly, what came to mind out of my own personal experiences is that "Feed" reminded me of an book called "Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. This book was based in futuristic America, and had many similiar elements to "Feed" when came to having to survive in an different environmment than what America is like today. In "Hunger Games", the main character is Kat. Kat, her mother, and younger sister live in an very poor district of one of America's twelve districts. The capitol of America is were the wealthy people in America resided at. Many years before, the people that made up the twelve districts had waged war against the capitol. As an result of the peace treaty, the twelve districts must release one male and one female to participate in an yearly "Hunger Games" show that is televised from the capitol. There, the participants must kill each other in order to see who will win the game and be the last person standing. As part of the book's plot, Kat's younger sister is selected to participate in the "Hunger Games". To keep her sister from being killed, Kat volunteers to take her place. Then, Kat embarks on the journey of either kill or be killed.
I personally felt as though this section of the book is very interesting to read. It made me want to keep on reading, to find out exactly how the book was going to end. I sensed that Violet was going to end up dying. However, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Titus.

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